Exam Proctoring

Porter County Public Library System

Exam Proctoring Guidelines


To help our patrons meet their educational goals, the Porter County Public Library System offers free proctoring services at our five branches in Valparaiso, Portage, South Haven, Hebron, and Kouts. Proctoring services are available at the discretion of each library’s staff, and may be refused if the library cannot reasonably accommodate the exam’s conditions.


Student & Instructor Responsibilities:

  • A student or instructor may use the form to request an exam. Exams must be requested at least 72 hours prior to the student’s preferred exam date. After the request form has been submitted, library staff will contact the instructor or educational institution to verify the provided information, and then schedule the exam with the student.
  • At least 24 hours prior to the exam, the student must ensure that the library has received all necessary materials, documentation, or information from their educational institution.
  • Students must be prepared to provide a valid form of photo ID for identity verification, if required.
  • The student must provide their own supplies (calculator, graph paper, etc.) for the exam, and cover the cost of printing any materials for the exam. The library can provide scratch paper and pencils only.
  • The student’s school must supply a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage for returning mailed exams.


Online examinations:

  • If a computer is required for an exam, the student is strongly encouraged to supply their own laptop.
  • If they cannot, the student must inform the library ahead of time that they will need to use a library public access computer for the examination.
  • The library will only proctor web based examinations that can be run in a Firefox or Chromium browser in a Linux environment. Additional plugins, extensions, or browser add-ons will not be accommodated.
  • Any examination that requires the downloading or installation of software, the altering of settings, the restriction of internet access, or any other special adjustments, cannot be proctored by the library.
  • A student completing a web based exam is strongly encouraged to personally verify prior to their exam that the library’s computers will meet all necessary technical specifications.
  • The library does not guarantee network availability or freedom from equipment malfunction, and will not be held responsible for any examination that cannot be completed due to a technical malfunction or outage.


On the day of the examination:

  • A staff member will check the student’s ID, if required. If the exam instructions stipulate that the student may not have personal items with them during the exam, it is the student’s responsibility to arrange storage of their items.
  • The staff member checking the student in may not be the same staff member who will check the student at the end of the examination.
  • Staff will endeavor to provide quiet testing environments, but this cannot be guaranteed. The student should be prepared to take an examination in a noisy, busy room if necessary.
  • Staff cannot proctor examinations that require frequent monitoring, or examinations where the duties of the proctor are too burdensome.
  • All examinations must be concluded 30 minutes prior to the library closing.